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Discipline, discipline, discipline...practice makes perfect.

How to be dope, by @jeffstaple

The difference between long division and using a calculator

Long division requires paper or any writable surface, writing utensil, and basic math aptitude. However, a calculator requires a purchase of one and the aptitude to know what you want to compute.

Why, then, do we sit and learn long division, via a slate or whiteboard, as children. The answer is simple, if you didn’t know how to do long division with a pencil and paper, you wouldn’t know how to utilize a plastic calculator.

There COULD be a day, when computing tools, such as a calculator, would no longer exist. How could you figure out the proper share of 1,222 slices of pizza amongst 331 people?

What then? What would people do in the event that a calculator didn’t exist? What if your smartphone ran out of batteries so you can’t utilize your calculator app?

What if the gas company went out of business, what would people do to take hot showers? What if your Brita water purifier ran out of filters and they just didn’t make the proper filter for it anymore?

Today, it seems, people have gotten soft. The long, arduous way is just too much trouble. Answers are there, and sometimes, the answer will require rolling up your sleeves to reach in the murky water to get it.

My advice, learn things the hard way. The way, wherein, if in the event of luxury tools decide to take life long vacations, you can still drink a clean glass of water, safely. Life won’t always be easy…

Love, Jonathan Remulla, Supafrenz

I wish war was a 4-letter word.
Jonathan Remulla, Supafrenz

We should constantly turn what-if into what-now propositions.
Jonathan Remulla, Supafrenz

I’ve never heard of anger and hurtful words being imperative to nurturing a child’s mind.

-Jonathan Remulla, Supafrenz

Far Flung Attention to Detail

Sitting here, working, trying to keep my mind compartmentalized, attempting to focus on what’s in front of me. It’s a computer, some Cat Power, my fingers tapping keys, a mouse and mousepad, a table, and at the far end, a living room window, and through the window, the top of a tree, and beyond that, a hazy sky. Depth is subjective. What’s in front of me, everything.

How can you definitively start the day when yesterday never ended? Sleep and waking up, typically bookends to a day, but how come this morning became a run-on day with last night? My mind noticed that the same thing that happened last night happened 3 weeks ago, and then countless times before that.

Today, I’m asking myself what makes today, today? The difference could be that I noticed that the same thing that happened 3 weeks ago, and then countless times before that, happened 1 more time than before. Everyday, and maybe tomorrow, I could keep that count going. My bare feet are a little numb now, cold wood floors, reminding me that I’m right here, sitting, trying to stay focused on what makes today, today.

I don’t know, I’m sitting here acting like a writer, when I should be designing.

-Jonathan Remulla, Supafrenz

The measure of your enlightenment is the degree to which you are comfortable with paradox, contradiction and ambiguity.
Deepak Chopra

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