I found these line sheets this evening…

My first attempt at a failed apparel line, circa 2004/2005, called Projectrem. Thanks to my late brother, Regan Remulla, for supporting me and putting up with my short-sighted, expensive, and diva-like attempt. 

• Design shirts & a scarf
• Hand silkscreen printed samples (a lot of them)
• Hired friends and models
• Designed and printed a shitload of linesheets
• Convinced a hubcap store in Culver City, CA to let me shoot in it (for free)
• Created a mini-site for the line View Here
• Paid for gas so my friend Jerome Gacula from SF could shoot the models
• Paid for a mexican lunch for everyone
• Got 1 distribution company to sell for me
• Had my friend Tracee Salud sew up some scarf samples

• I learned it took so much fucking more to start an apparel line
• I realized I suffered from illusions of grandeur
• Designs were good, but not good enough…definitely not my best work
• I burned through a lot of cash
• I have a solid and supportive set of brothers
• I have an itch to try and do it all over again…one day

Oh, to be young again…

I Would Do For You

My 1st wedding anniversary with my wife in Las Vegas.

The Vick + Row Show…coming October 11, 2014.My best friends are getting married.

The Vick + Row Show…coming October 11, 2014.

My best friends are getting married.

I’m also not convinced a “happy-medium” exists, actually. I mean, it’s art or commerce, right? True-true artisans are just that and the financial piece at whatever level achieved, they’ll always just be doing what they do because you couldn’t stop them anyway. If the end-game is commerce measured by financial success, then you have to have an acute business acumen (or surround yourself with them) to create a platform built for speed.

We talkin’ ‘bout soccer…tropical fruits included…

We talkin’ ‘bout soccer…tropical fruits included…

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